Love And Work Unite The World

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‘Love And Work Unite The World’ is Michel Montecrossa’s inspiring Concert for the Sunrevolution Art & Home Industry Festival 2013 in Mirapuri, released by Mira Sound Germany as Audio-CD and DVD, performed in the Omnidiet Music-Hall on 18th May 2013 together with Mirakali and Diana Antara, presenting 20 acoustic and electric New-Topical & Cyberrock Songs including ‘Love And Work Unite The World‘, ‘It’s Time To Share!‘, ‘Talking Love World Action For A Better Future‘, ‘Here Are All The Answers‘ and ‘Living On A Planet‘.

Michel Montecrossa says:
“Let’s work together for a United World and sing the song of the Brothers and Sisters of Love.”

The Songs, Disc One:

  1. Love And Work Unite The World
  2. My New Topical World
  3. We Want Work!
  4. It’s Time To Share!
  5. Talking Love World Action For A Better Future
  6. My King, Hero And Star
  7. Here Are All The Answers
  8. Love Reborn
  9. Love Is The Savior!
  10. Like An Angel Of Light
  11. Talking Laughing Love World Action
  12. It’s In Our Nature

The Songs, Disc Two:

  1. Future Love World Action Laughing
  2. Sexy Earthling
  3. I’m Speeding With Laughing Love World Action
  4. Music Coming From The Heart
  5. My Dance Of Happy Laughing Love World Action
  6. Inside
  7. Yearning Heart
  8. Brothers And Sisters Of Love
  9. Living On A Planet