Secret Message

Secret Message - Vinyl


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“When it acme down, it went straight through and it was what it was.
It was the SECRET MESSAGE. There is nothing to say,
it should speak for itself. Maybe it is life reaching a decisive point of transformation.
Some day I started it all with the root-experience of Blues.
Didn’t think of any traditional Blues.
I meant the thing behind and called it MEDITATION BLUES.
Now things are shaping themselves into a different dimension.
The past has little place in it. It’s all coming from the future and all is constantly moving towards it.
It’s fascinating.
The only thing sure about the past is its nonexistence.
All that is becoming is future in the making.
It is living, it is life itself.
Anyway, the music has turned into NEW STYLE MUSIC.
Something that is quite open to all, that is projecting itself from the coming time into the Now.”
Michel Montecrossa

The Songs, Side A:

  1. Nice Girl
  2. Renewal
  3. Bygone Times
  4. Problems
  5. Let It Come

The Songs, Side B:

  1. Wait A Minute
  2. At Your Side
  3. We Need A Voice
  4. Going To Build A CIty
  5. Strong Be Your Body
  6. Love Is Live
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