Wege des Menschen – Ways Of Men

Wege des Menschen - Ways of Men


Michel Montecrossa ‘Wege des Menschen – Ways of Men’: 6 English New-Topical-Song movies and a touching reading by Michel Montecrossa in German from his acclaimed book ‘Wege des Menschen – Ways of Men’ on one DVD with the songs & reading.

The chapters:

  1. Global Message
  2. Talking Europe The Strong
  3. Talking EU & Russia Understanding
  4. Talking Four Curses: Ebola, Isis, Gaza, Ukraine
  5. Talkin’ ‘Bout A Small Planet For The Free
  6. Talking Isis: Give It A Name – Nenn’ Es Beim Namen
  7. Reading from the book ‘Wege des Menschen – Ways Of Men’

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