The House Of Time, Part One – Every Moment

The House Of Time, Part 1


The House Of Time: a visionary sci-fi CG action thriller moving between earth and unbelievable sky-city.
The House Of Time: a fullstream consciousness movie about the growth and victory of Cyberwarrior Michel and his avatar Mike in a changing terrestrial and marsian world.
The futurist love-story of Cyberwarrior Michel, his soul- and dreamgirls Mystery, Hazel, and the mysterious Lady from the Sun.
Reality passion in cyberworld.
Virtual body and organic body love-making touching the secret of the timebody.
Good and evil transcended.
The story of Cyberwarrior Michel becoming champ & stream of consciousness musician. Together with his girls Mystery and Hazel and virtuality friends he is bringing courage and love power-music into the multidimensional, organic world of humanitarian, economical and ecological crisis.
Michel, Mystery and Hazel know how to freely move in time.
They know how to change everything.
The House Of Time: great music, thrilling action, emotion, passion and … the unexpected.
Find a new level of awareness – go to the House Of Time!
The House Of Time: a free consciousness-stream music-movie.

The Chapters:

  1. The House Of Time
  2. 20 Sequences
  3. The Four Images
  4. Life Without Walls
  5. A Woman Leads Me
  6. Understand
  7. Seeing
  8. At The Cabaret
  9. Courage & Love
  10. My Own Life Saved Me
  11. The White Leaves
  12. Got The Pictures?
  13. As Long As The Earth Works
  14. The House Of Time Anticipated
  15. Another Man’s Life
  16. Another Woman’s Life In A Fragmented World
  17. The Cyberwarrior-Champ
  18. World Spirit
  19. Towards The Light
  20. Odin’s Infinite
  21. Hero Of The Future
  22. In Your Heart
  23. The Sky-City Adventure Anticipated
  24. Life For All
  25. Déjà-Vu And The Core Story: What Is Sky-City?
  26. I Flew Into Sky-City
  27. The Unknown Woman
  28. Cool On The Other Side
  29. Clarity
  30. Sky-City Stories
  31. Déjà-Vu And The Core Story: Love Meets Love
  32. Punk Kid
  33. Electrifying Climate Girl
  34. New Earth And Heaven
  35. Cyberworld


“With THE HOUSE OF TIME I again go beyond orthodox borders of movie-making.
THE HOUSE OF TIME is revelling as fullstream movie far beyond the mainstream through vision, limitlessness and ecstatic inspiration as well as inner balance and a fine sense for revelation.
THE HOUSE OF TIME is the photonic presentation of passionate heights and depths, intense tenderness, powerful contradictions and intuitive logic.
THE HOUSE OF TIME is an epic stream of consciousness movie showing through the personage of Cyberwarrior Michel the universal way of consciousness.
THE HOUSE OF TIME shows the first steps of the child, the search for identity and the inner revolutions of a man born free and provocatively stepping beyond the judgement of others and seeing the general stupidity as the fertile base for the future.
THE HOUSE OF TIME makes the onlooker into a participant in the wrestle of the genius with the art of life through experience and the conquest of the irrational. Cyberwarrior Michel from the beginning is a surrealist who through acceptance of the total, uncontrollable adventure is moving into the equally total, uncontrollable and limitless virtuality, the higher form of virtual reality. There he becomes Cyberwarrior Champ by no longer accepting the restrictions coming from slogans and declamations that in the end only make clear that basically all are babbitts. The surreal wading through the mud of the world changes into bathing in the cybernetic gold of virtuality. The pretension of the limits is transformed into bliss of the non-paranoid, the sadistic-masochistic abstraction of relationships into the ecstatic-sensual fusion of souls.
THE HOUSE OF TIME is filled with the carelessness that equally unifies belief and non-belief in the angelic reflex of mortality as it can unify love and music in the immortality of the masculine-feminine myth embedded in the depth-consciousness. Cyberwarrior Michel experiences this myth through the psychic projection of his feminine side in the personifications of Mystery and dream-born Hazel. Through them and other female personifications of his inner world he is able to weld the waking consciousness and the depth-consciousness into a comprehensive whole and thereby becomes Cyberwarrior Champ. On this level his consciousness expands and organic reality, or organicality, becomes one with virtual reality, or virtuality, in the multi-dimensionality of the Timebody. Michel’s aspiration for becoming Cyberwarrior Champ originally was motivated by the desire to gain greater strength for joining the Mars Revolution and to return to his Marsian girlfriend Omega. But by mastering the uncertainty-principle unexpectedly a totally different déjà-vu way of life opens up so that Michel as Cyberwarrior Champ now is able to not only move in a non-linear way through time and to find and begin to comprehend ‘The House Of Time’, but also makes a mysterious ‘Sky-City’ appear in virtuality world which through overlapping is connected with the organic world. Through Sky-City, where Cyberwarrior Champ Michel is establishing a new identity as singer and songwriter, he can, with the help of music and Sky-City Radiogirl Astrid’s hidden messages define the hyper-neurotic condition of the organic and virtual world in a greater consciousness and can begin to change it for the better. In this crucial moment Michel finds the real embodiments of Mystery and Hazel and together with them is forming a band. But in reality it is the unification of soul, dream and future – a unification emanating an energy that is all-surpassing. Good and evil dissolve into the mystery of the Timebody and become the multidimensional happening of the world being right in the middle of a humanitarian, economical and ecological crisis. Organic and virtual love affairs are leading to free movement within the Timebody through which all can be changed. The Dionysian embodiments and multipersonalities of Cyberwarrior Michel, his Avatar Mike, his female self-realizations Mystery, Hazel and the Lady From The Sun lead, through the interaction with the virtual personalities of Wanda the Sky-City Girl, Ilona the Sky-City Enchantress, Astrid the Sky-City Radiogirl, Omega the Marsian girlfriend of Michel, Wagner the House of Time Magician, Zack the House of Time Narrator, Rachel the Sky-City Warrior Girl and the many other Sky-City inhabitants, to the liberation from the fear that declares living beings in front of the cosmos to be meaningless. The orphic mystery of music as much as the mystery of courage is born from love, is emanating from the infinity-center that is generating the entire cosmos and all its universes. The total play therefore is an infinite futurist Courage & Love Climate Change Musical that unfolds in addition to all other actors, hyper-esthetic energy as geometric abstraction, Pop-Art, Op-Art and psychedelic art through the figures of Crystal the House of Time Archangel, Angel the Timebody Girl, Hussein the agent and dancer and Alvin the Sky-City Dragon as much as through the Unknown Woman who, without being part of the story, still is coming from the same origin. All is based on consciousness and thus the House of Time is no dead bull carried out of the arena by mules but a helicopter reborn from flames. The Unknown Woman says: ‘Don’t worry. Tomorrow is always the day after the one before.’
THE HOUSE OF TIME is the continuous sublimation of a series of symbols and interpretations on all levels of the images, words, white leaves, sounds and the music.
THE HOUSE OF TIME is the subconscious, the hidden, the passing as well as the highest point, the most exalted and the most angelic. Cyberwarrior Michel sings: ‘We live in a fragmented world, a world of walled in islands in an ocean we do not comprehend the way it is. On one of these islands is the House of Time.’
The Lady From The Sun says: ‘You come from a place in the future and you moved from there into the now. You didn’t come from the past… Time is a body. It is the Timebody. You can move on it in any direction.’ Michel muses: ‘Lovemakin’ is like that. It is neither past, present or future. It is where it is and can expand indefinitely.’
And Zack, the House of Time Narrator says: ‘See the clitorial climax of 25 frames. Feel the stream of consciousness erection.’”

– Michel Montecrossa

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