The Invisible Wall – Michel Montecrossa’s great slam poetry musical

The Invisible Wall


Michel Montecrossa’s great slam poetry earth and peace musical. ‘The Invisible Wall’, produced in 2008 by Filmaur Multimedia, is an orphic story looking through the many symbols and events of life to the reality behind. ‘The Invisible Wall’ tells the story of the Travelin’ Man who for some time has a job as king. Later he drops the job and experiences an existential revolution. It is the door to the reality of love and a new birth in consciousness. ‘The Invisible Wall’ is poetic music-cinema telling the story in a multidimensional way. Various roles express themselves through changing persons, thus creating a web of awareness reversals. Through this interactive play and journey of vision, poetry and music a virtual body appears which gives the clue to the deeper sense of reality: The sense of love bridging all divides, the sense of coming home, the sense of the true embrace that lasts forever.

The Songs and Instrumentals:

  1. Earth & Peace
  2. The Story
  3. Salut! Je Suis Orphée
  4. Symmetry Near The Invisible Wall & Wild Hearts
  5. The King Is Comin’
  6. Chat “King & Girl”
  7. Story Of The Invisible Wall
  8. Down By The Garden
  9. Dreaming Roof
  10. She Always Thinks Of Me
  11. I’m A Steady Rollin’ Man
  12. Wanna Survive?
  13. The Meadow Of Oblivion
  14. The Gate To Silence
  15. The Blood Of Silence
  16. Do You Go Into Your Own Direction?
  17. She Was His Favorite Hell
  18. Passing Through The Invisible Wall
  19. Cheap Girl
  20. The Morphogenetic Legend
  21. The Traveling Man Left His Job As King
  22. A Song
  23. I Give Myself To Love
  24. I Do Remember Well
  25. I Should Follow Her
  26. Her Gaze Was A Wide Expanse
  27. The Charm Of Her Laughter
  28. She Sent All Her Love To Me
  29. Love Is Without Limits
  30. Interior And Exterior
  31. All The Desire Of Countless Millennia
  32. The Virtual Bodies
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