The House Of Time, Part Two – Every Day Is The Day

The House Of Time, Part 2


Filmaur Multimedia proudly presents Michel Montecrossa’s courage and love climate change musical The House Of Time, Part Two: ‘Every Day Is The Day’.
The saga of Cyberwarrior Michel, his girls and his music unfolds in Sky-City into the next level of song-power, Cyber-Magic and stunning future-vision.
Be ready for the moral of immorality, the shaking up of Sky-City, the ultimate sensuality of virtual and organic reality world.
Get hot with Cyberwarrior Michel, his girls Mystery and Hazel and the Agent-Dancer Hussein activating their Avatars, their virtual-erotic personalities and their virtual action pals to blow the entire concept of Sky-City and Astrid’s studio up into a supra-psychological interaction with Cyberwarrior Michel’s brainstorm songs.
They are pushing organic and virtual world forward into an ultimately liberating total orgasm of consciousness.

Don’t hold back your catharsis of love:
See, feel and listen!

Come to The House Of Time Part II: ‘Every Day Is The Day’!

The Chapters:

  1. Flashback
  2. Prologue – Transmutation
  3. The Unified Diversity Field & Main Title
  4. Adam & Eve – The French Couple
  5. Cyberwarrior Michel Walks On A Long Street
  6. The Secret Brain & Sugar
  7. Follow Your Road – Tear It To Pieces
  8. ‘Check In – Take Off!’ & Combat Mike
  9. Maya – The Queen Of Spain
  10. Leopard & Eagle
  11. Oracle
  12. Astrid’s Liberation Replay
  13. Liberty Astrid
  14. ‘Talking Lines Of Fire’ With Jet Stark & Virginia
  15. Marshall Libido And Death-Fear
  16. Hussein – Agent & Dancer
  17. ‘The Story Of Hussein’
  18. Magic On The Mad Border
  19. Sexplay Astrid & ‘Trance Avenue’
  20. Preparing For A Night’s Enjoyment
  21. ‘Sex Is Smooth’ With Sexplay Astrid & Combat Mike
  22. Swimming Naked
  23. Hard On His Manhood
  24. Drowned In Long, Salty Kisses & Deep Satisfying Sleep
  25. Exposing Her Very Wet And Smooth Fanny
  26. Infinitesimal Atoms Of Time
  27. Lapping Up All Messages
  28. Herr Loerker
  29. Astrid’s Message #1
  30. ‘Wanted Girl’
  31. Rosemary
  32. Adena
  33. Astrid’s Message #2
  34. Astrid’s Message #3
  35. Al & Venus
  36. Cyberhussein On Her Way
  37. Cyberwarrior Michel And His Girls – ‘Go Together To A Party Of Another Kind’
  38. Cyberhussein Nearing & The ‘Rescue Mission’-Team With Mike Pearl, Ada, The Lady From The Sun, Wagner, Saba, And Aura
  39. Cyberhussein Shifting
  40. Cyberhussein & Mike Meet The Telepath Way
  41. That Girl
  42. Shamala
  43. What Kind Of Hangover With Honey, The Dead And The Mask
  44. ‘Felicitations’ With Pearl
  45. The Answer Is The Question: ‘Happy Love’
  46. No Good News And No Bad News Lasts Forever
  47. Skinhead, Land, Hazel & ‘Feelin’ Good’
  48. ‘Honey For Honey’
  49. What Did Hazel Tell?
  50. We Are Always Evolving
  51. I Have An Eye On You
  52. The Shaping Of Hazel’s Consciousness
  53. Similar Dreams
  54. ‘Besinnung – Reflection’ With Angel
  55. People Reborn As New People
  56. ‘Let’s Go Future!’
  57. Miracles To Me
  58. The Friendliest Man – ‘Eatin’ And Drinking Together With You’
  59. The Revelation – Find The Girls!
  60. The Dream Story Spaceship
  61. Saskia
  62. ‘Calm Beauty’
  63. Pass-Key Of Hearts
  64. He Resolves All Tongues Into His Own
  65. Meeting With Zack – ‘Talking Free Sex’
  66. An Eye On You
  67. ‘Shit & Fuck’
  68. Laying Out The Map Of The House Of Time
  69. When You Hear Glass Breaking
  70. ‘Birth In A Cathedral’
  71. Unbroken Relation
  72. Criminal & Obscene Reality
  73. Courage Ride Combat Game
  74. Welcome To The Courage Ride Combat Game
  75. ‘Strong Is My Christmas Dream’
  76. Showdown
  77. Dagger – ‘The Dream Is Strong’ & End Titles
  78. Finale
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