The House Of Time, Part Three – Courage Ride Act One & Act Two

The House Of Time, Part Three


he House Of Time, Part Three continues the free love story of Cyberwarrior Michel. He and his girls and their rebellious music messages are churning Sky-City where the total fusion of Virtuality and Organicality which began in The House of Time Part One and Two, rapidly progresses to fulfilment. Everything turns into non-linear Courage Ride Combat Games throwing you out of the ignorant mind into cosmic and transcendent consciousness making something wonderful happen: ‘Mum said, No! Dad said, No! The House of Time says, Yes!’

The House Of Time, Part Three comes with a tsunami of generous Stream-of-Consciousness image power, music, cyberpoetry, and anarchic freedom-shout-out-dialogues all fused into Michel Montecrossa’s new CG dimension of digitalized gamer movie language that shakes up synapses, blows your mind and twenty-five times per second poses the scandalous question: ‘What will you do when you suddenly know your wishes and your doubts?’ and answers while practising with a camcorder stripping and posing : ‘Know the feel. Emotions give power. Follow the roads through the House of Time. You are the experiment. Have the courage. Have the love.‘ And then says: ‘You’re a different species. Not like other men. You owe your life to unspoiled love. You need my existence.‘

Michel Montecrossa says about his courage and love climate change musical The House Of Time, Part Three: ‘Courage Ride’:
“The House Of Time is the subconscious, the hidden, the passing, the highest point, the most exalted and the most angelic.“

The Chapters:

  1. Intro
  2. Welcome To The Movie
  3. Combat Game #1, In The Darkness
  4. Jennifer – Adena’s Psyche
  5. Helicopter Baby – The Anti-Terror Avatar Of Angel
  6. Zack Is In Again
  7. Sophisticated Machines & Tell Me – Startup
  8. Combat Game #2, It’s My Lucky Day
  9. Hardman & Michail – The Russian Mike
  10. Combat Game #3, I Can’t Think Of Women All The Time
  11. Passionate Nott
  12. Dark Sun Sister – Shadow Personality Of The Lady From The Sun
  13. Arousing Dagr
  14. Combat Game #4, The Only Sanity
  15. Combat Game #5, Take A Deep Breath – Cybershamana
  16. Eira – Wagner’s Secretary
  17. Combat Game #6, The Diamond-Suns Of My Reality
  18. Mino & Kotz
  19. Viper – Mike’s Free Fighter Girl
  20. Wanda Introducing Dark Ruby
  21. Combat Game #7, A Lovely Daughter He Had
  22. My Backdoor Is Open
  23. Combat Game #8, Where A Moment Is The Embrace
  24. Lagoon
  25. Combat Game #9, Orgasm Is Better
  26. Aqua – U.s.a. Boss Avatar
  27. I’m Anchored To My Infrastructure
  28. What They Want To Eat
  29. The Waters Of Orgasm
  30. Nathalia
  31. Combat Game #10, Sigma 547
  32. Combat Game #11, Cosmic Farmer
  33. Mystery Disappears
  34. Main Title ‘The House Of Time’
  35. The Moon Prologue
  36. Combat Game #12, What Will Happen
  37. Amethyst – Mystery’s Starfield Personality
  38. Combat Game #13, Hazel’s Deep Brain Vision Consciousness
  39. Combat Game #14, That’s What Dagger Likes About Adena
  40. What Are You Looking At?
  41. Dark Sun Sister Loses Contact
  42. Sigma & Sugar
  43. When I Lost It All, You Lost It Too
  44. Noire – The Avatar Of Artis Aldschalis
  45. Artis Aldschalis – Cyberwarrior Michel’s Free Love Violin Girl
  46. Anahita – Soulreflection Of Noire
  47. Dark Sun Sister Changes Into Viper
  48. Combat Game #15, Get The Action
  49. Combat Game #16, Higher Dimension
  50. Combat Game #17, Thinking In An Unorganized Way
  51. Combat Game #18, She Ain’t Gone
  52. Déjà-Vu & The Core Story: The Riddle Of Permanence
  53. Charles – Sky-City Kid
  54. It Will Come
  55. It’s In The House Of Time
  56. That’s The Seal Of Permanence
  57. Combat Game #19, Directions
  58. Sandy – Paris Personality Of U.s.a. Boss – The Driver
  59. Combat Game #20, Struggling Hard
  60. Combat Game #21, A Long Road
  61. Intermission
  62. Dark Zone Of Love – Dunkelzone Der Liebe
  63. Love & Love Will Meet In Us
  64. Shit Makes Me Wonder
  65. Is Your Love In Vain?
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