Living The Experience


‘Living The Experience’ is Cyberrocker Michel Montecrossa’s fascinating 21st Century Overground Musical.
It is the stunning Free Cinema expression of Non-Conformity, Creative Abundance and Joy.
‘Living The Experience’ is the musical story of the triumph of Love and Beauty over dehumanizing massimprisonment in illusions and unconsiousness.

The Songs and Instrumentals: Weatherman, Crumbling, Wait A Minute, Bygone Times, Better Do Not Remember, So Cold, Great Men, Next Turn, Out Of It, Please, As I’m Rolling Past A Tiny House, We Are Free, Glaubst Du Wirklich, Kommt Wieder Ihr Menschen, Die Ahnung Der Zeiten, Le Chemin Perfait (Instr.), Natural Queen , Meditation (Instr.)

Starring: Mirakali, Michel Montecrossa, many Souls at Cannes, Peking, Munich and Mirapuri
Special Guests: Mirachandra, Fred Holt, Alma Arkansas, Rita Mayer, Siegfried Bärenholz, Clint Eastwood, Nina Montana, Padma, one Astronaut, Navaprema, Birds, one Rocket
Script: Michel Montecrossa based on vedic hymns translated by Sri Aurobindo and words of Mira Alfassa – The Mother
Music: Michel Montecrossa and the Mira Sound Orchestra

Produced by Filmaur Multimedia, Germany
Color, English language, 120 Min.

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