Future Earth Collection

Future Earth Collection

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14 Poetic Peace Movies by Mirakali
Mirakali is an outstanding singer/songwriter and movie-artist expressing in the poetic peace music movie collection ‘Future Earth’ her deep and loving concern about the world entangled in a complex process of climate – and consciousness change. The 14 songs of the ‘Future Earth Collection’ are reflecting the need for urgent action of love that knows, action of life-giving love for the Future Earth rising.

The Movies:

  1. Future Earth
  2. Tender Nature
  3. Dreambirth
  4. Epic Nature
  5. Mysterious Earth
  6. Earth Power
  7. New Earth, New Sky
  8. Summer In Your Heart
  9. Navaveda – The Free School Of Mirapuri
  10. Careless Like A Child
  11. Angelo’s Train #1 – The Journey Begins
  12. Strong Love, Strong Life
  13. Love, Stars And Children
  14. Trees Of Our World

Color, English language, 58:25 Min.

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