DVD: Miravinci – A Peace Meditation Movie

Miravinci - A Peace Meditation Movie


The Miravinci Meditation Centre in Mirapuri is the place for establishing the conscious contact with the living presence of Sri Aurobindo and Mira Alfassa – The Mother who are the spiritual founders of Mirapuri and their treasures of Knowledge, Love and Kindness for Renewal and luminous Future Building.

Michel Montecrossa about Mirakali’s ‘Miravinci’ Movie:
“Mirakali’s Peace Meditation Movie about the Miravinci generously gives the taste of a precious experience coming from the higher sphere of our existence.”

Songs from Mirakali included in the movie:

  1. Heroes Of The Bright Earth
  2. Peaceful Light
  3. Heroes Of The New World
  4. Northern Lights
  5. Your Best Dream

Quotations from Sri Aurobindo’s Life Divine included in the movie:
The Divine, the Eternal, expresses himself as existence, consciousness, bliss, wisdom, knowledge, love, beauty,

In the involutionary descent as in the evolutionary return supermind is supported by the original Delight of Existence and carries that in it in all its activities as their sustaining essence;

The supermind itself in the descending degrees of the manifestation emerges from the Ananda and in the evolutionary ascent merges into the Ananda.

For the complete individual is the cosmic individual, since only when we have taken the universe into ourselves – and transcended it — can our individuality be complete.

The gnostic being has the will of action but also the knowledge of what is to be willed and the power to effectuate its knowledge;

A perfect path of the Truth has come into being for our journey to the other shore beyond the darkness.

All beings would be to him his own selves, all ways and powers of consciousness would be felt as the ways and powers of his own universality

Delight of the manifestation of the Spirit in its truth of being would be the sense of the gnostic life.

The existence of the supramental being would be the play of a manifoldly and multiply manifesting truth-power of oneexistence and one-consciousness for the delight of one-existence.

Sri Aurobindo

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