Direct Action from the Supreme


Three movies with The Mother, her Music, and Messages and Music by Sunil Bhattacharya and Michel Montecrossa:

  • Sri Aurobindo And The Mother: Direct Action From The Supreme
    (Rare Filmscenes And Music By The Mother Of 25.4.1955)
  • Mirapuri Foundationday 15.8.1978
    (Documentation of Mirapuri’s Foundationday including Darshan filmscenes of The Mother and Messages by Her. Music By Sunil Bhattacharya and The Mother)
  • Miravinci Meditation
    (Filmmeditation on The Miravinci, the Symbol of Mirapuri’s Aspiration for the Divine, including Filmscenes with The Mother. Accompanied by Music of Michel Montecrossa.)

Produced by Filmaur Multimedia, Germany
(Color and b/w, English language, 48:15 Min.)

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