Portrait of a Cyberrocker, Part Two: ‘The U.F.O. Landed’


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“It is the free cinema portrait of my life: the Music, the Love, the Goal”
– Michel Montecrossa

Part II shows the way of Michel Montecrossa’s consciousness journey as it is till 2004 and more. It is the powerful presentation of Michel Montecrossa’s genius opening up new ranges of consciousness-expansion in music like no one ever did before him with such profound and dynamic vastness. Part two, in addition to fantastic live performances and inimitable humorous action sequences, includes important interviews revealing the multidimensional personality of Michel Montecrossa, his cyberrock intensity and the noble meaning of his abundant creativity for the purpose of peace, understanding and real human progress.

The Songs: ‘Straight From The Garage’, ‘Summer Rock’, ‘TV.M. Interview’, ‘Flute Session’, ‘Cyberbeat’, ‘I’m Your Cyberman’, ‘Road Rocker’, ‘Soft Skin’, ‘Reality Rocker Part I: New Day’, ‘Russia And America Rock’, ‘Cosmic Bed Party’, ‘Something Is Hidden In Man’s Breast’, ‘War Is Hell’, ‘Moonika’s Interview’, ‘Summer With You’, ‘Worker’s Song’, ‘Some Sweetness’, ‘Festival Rocker’, ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Election (Rock ‘n’ Roll Girl)’, ‘Love And Peace’, ‘Discomania’

Written and directed by Michel Montecrossa
Music: Michel Montecrossa

Color, English language, 95 Min.

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