Portrait of a Cyberrocker, Part One: ‘Like An Awakening Breeze’


“It is the free cinema portrait of my life: the Music, the Love, the Goal”
– Michel Montecrossa

Part I presents early documents of Michel Montecrossa’s exceptional life from the beginnings till 1988 showing his roots as well as the flowering of his musical and spiritual aspirations. It is the documentation of a strong humaneness shining forth from Michel Montecrossa’s stunning musical creativity and dedication to the purpose of helping humanity on its way towards the future.

The Songs: ‘How Many Times’, ‘Coming To Our World’, ‘Savitri Theme’, ‘OM Mira’, ‘Mirapuri’, ‘Music Is Strong As Ever’, ‘Cut Through The Mess’, ‘In The First Place #1’, ‘Planets Are Moving’, ‘Splendors Of True Love’, ‘Ocean World’, ‘Song Message’, ‘Sweet Earth’, ‘Money’, ‘Love Is Life’, ‘Time And Future’, ‘I Want To Live’, ‘This Film Is Not Over (I’m Naked When You Cry)’, ‘Speech’ ‘In The First Place #2’, ‘A Few Songs’, ‘Beyond The Border Line’, ‘Goin’ Down The Road’, ‘Good Luck Sweet Chuck’, ‘This One Is For Edda’, ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Reborn’, ‘Empty Hands’, ‘Tell You A Story’, ‘Nice Girl #1’, ‘Nice Girl #2’, ‘In The First Place #3’, ‘Girl’, ‘Let It Come’

Written and directed by Michel Montecrossa
Music: Michel Montecrossa

Color, English language, 95 Min.

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