Song Lyrics Book: Love & Unity

Love & Unity New-Topical-Song Book


The ‘Love & Unity’ New-Topical-Song book present 88 song lyrics from Michel Montecrossa’s powerful and warm-hearted Love & Unity Climate Change Concert Tour 2012. Each song is featured with easy to learn guitar chord-progressions and beautiful art-work.

Michel Montecrossa says:
“The ‘Love & Unity’ New-Topical-Songs are consciousness-building stimulations that are transporting the values of the true, the right and the vast. They stand for high ethics and bring it to the streets. They stand for the living celebration of humanity and the life of happy generations embraced by the warmth of love on a united earth. They stand for safe homes where mothers and fathers together with their children of hope can live and look towards a prosperous future of peace, progress and fulfillment.
They are 88 New-Topical-Songs singing: ‘The Solution is found in Human Unity.’ They are documenting history as it unfolds and look beyond the present into the beauty of a future that we could reach if we only would want it.
They are meant to do their good work in the stream of media, on the marketplace and at home.
The ‘Love & Unity‘ book and Audio-CD Box are presenting 85 English songs and 3 German songs.“

188 pages, paperback, English language with images

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