Rock Poster Art 1992 till 2012


Rock Poster Art 1992 till 2012
the complete collection of Posters & Messages
including the essay: ‘Cyberrock – Cyberage – New Ropical World’ in three languages: English, Deutsch, Italiano

Michel Montecrossa says about the ‘Rock Poster Art Book 1992 – 2012’:
“The Rock Poster Art for the concerts of myself and my band is an integral part of our live music. Each of our concerts carries a message, is a holistic creation of art expressing itself through the interaction of the songs chosen for every particular concert. Every concert thus is a highly effective morphogenetic consciousness field of hope, glory and joy, a landmark on the evolving flight and journey to higher levels of experience.
In this context our Rock Poster Art is a documentation of each station of this journey of consciousness and joy. The concert titles, the images and associated messages together show the face and personality of our Cyberrock-Dance and New-Topical-Song progress into the future.
The ‘Rock Poster Art Book 1992 – 2012’ is with 530 poster images a thrillingly stimulating experience for positive awareness building and all-out expansion of your feeling of life opening to all that is good and happy and wide.”

611 pages, Softcover

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