Mirapuri and the World of Love


‘MIRAPURI AND THE WORLD OF LOVE’ is a collection of essays, poems and song lyrics Mirakali has written for various festivals in Mirapuri – the City of Peace andFutureman in Europe, Italy: the Mirapuri World Peace Festival, the Spirit of Woodstock Festival and the Mirapuri World Literature Fest.
In many ways Mirakali is showing us in her writings the young and joyful way into the future, the bright light of consciousness-awakening, the profundity of soul-finding and the warmth and tenderness of love.
And she shows too the fascinating experiences that lead to new body awareness and ultimately to body transformation in the light of a New Consciousness.
Mirakali’s world is the world of Mirapuri and all that leads to strong, creative peace and unity of the world family with all its abundance in the Divine.
Mirakali’s ‘MIRAPURI AND THE WORLD OF LOVE’ is inspiring, uplifting, consciousness-expanding and encouraging New World literature opening new perspectives and bringing them near to our understanding and feeling.
It is a colorful and happy treasure of love and humanity.


  • Invocation:
    • Mirapuri and the World of Love
  • Essays:
    • The Dream of Mirapuri
    • All the Nations of One World
    • New Paradise upon Earth
    • Children of a New World
    • Young Hearts
    • Children are Our Future
    • True Family
    • Consciousness Research and Joy
    • Young and Happy into the Future
    • Youth and Freedom
    • Female Peace Healing

124 pages with pictures / English / Softcover

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