Paintings & Drawings Vol. 2

Painting & Drawings, Vol 2


“‘Paintings & Drawings Vol. II’ continues the documentation of the world’s adventure into the future through my artwork. It shows the evolving body of vividly changing paintings and drawings coming from the heart of things for the living celebration of humanity where artist and viewer are equally creative participants in a conscious  experience that shows how much we are all connected.
My art is a giving of myself to love borderless and true, embracing the inner as much as the outer, making love meet love united in the best – for whatever you give to love will also be given to you.
My art is there to show the courageous and powerfully new, the spontaneous advance, the simple truth.
I show through my art that conscious experience of union with the invisible is as valid as conscious experience of a physical world with visible bodies and invisible minds.
I see my paintings and drawings as drops of light coming from the ocean of consciousness into the earthly field so that through the drops forms of all-embracing love, which is the nature of this ocean, will appear, carrying the breath of life and the image of the immortal soul.”
– Michel Montecrossa
‘Paintings & Drawings Vol. II‘ is showing 244 paintings and drawings by Michel Montecrossa from 1956 till 2013.
(296 pages, English commentary, Hardcover)
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