Sunray Revolution Songlyrics Book

Sunray Revolution


‘Sunray Revolution’ presents 84 song-lyrics from Michel Montecrossa’s legendary Peace & Climate Change Tour. Each song is featured with easy to learn guitar chord-progressions.

‘Sunray Revolution’ is Michel Montecrossa’s proud and mind-shaking adventure into eco-world. The challenging questions of our future on a planet with dwindling resources, energy-wars and irreversible global warming are highlighted through straightforward and inspiring genius-songs.

‘Sunray Revolution’ not only raises questions but above all is leading to positive answers.

‘Sunray Revolution’ is joy and intelligence singing in 84 songs of our changing world and the way of peace and progress for a better future.

‘Sunray Revolution’ is a masterpiece of songwriting by Michel Montecrossa, one of the 21st century’s greatest musician-artist.

‘Sunray Revolution’ unfolds its message on 212 pages with 84 song lyrics, photographs and guitar chords.

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