Love World Action Songlyrics Book

Love World Action Songlyrics Book


The ‘Love World Action’ song lyrics book presents 84 song lyrics from Michel Montecrossa’s love-charged deep-brain ‘Love World Action’ Climate Change Concert Tour 2013. Each song is featured with easy to learn guitar chord-progressions.
Michel Montecrossa says: “The ‘Love World Action’ New-Topical-Songs ring as love-charged deep-brain hits through the universe of the present day morphogenetic field of our world triggering butterfly-effects of the Living Celebration of Humanity and finding the way to the United States of Planet Earth.
Love World Action heals, Love World Action makes us see, Love World Action saves: It’s time to share to love the world as she is loving you and to find the link to the global nerve.“
‘Love World Action’ is a thrilling masterpiece of New-Topical songwriting by Michel Montecrossa for the burning heart of the 21st century. ‘Love World Action’ unfolds its love-charged deep-brain messages on 224 pages with 84 songs, powerful images, paintings, drawings, concert posters and guitar chords.
The ‘Love World Action’ song lyrics book goes together with the ‘Love World Action’ 6 CD-Box presenting the recordings of all 84 New-Topical-Songs performed by Michel Montecrossa for listening and singing along.

244 pages / Softcover

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