The Resurrection Movie-Art-Book


The Resurrection Movie-Art-Book is presenting Michel Montecrossa’s revolutionary Peace & Climate Change Musical through thrilling images, art work, poetry, song lyrics and the complete text telling the love-tale of Cyberrocker Astronaut Starlight and his mate Earthpower and how they change hellish Mega City Planet through their music into a free world.

“The Resurrection Movie and The Resurrection Movie-Art-Book” says Michel Montecrossa, “are a continuous awareness enhancing stream of multilayered messages telling the story simultaneously in a poetic, picturesque and song-lyrical way. They are presenting a new level of my ongoing creation of Fullstream Cinema-Art and Literature.”

‘The Resurrection Movie-Art-Book’: Power of Art, Power of Cinema. Power of Lyrics. Power of Consciousness.

196 Pages with Images

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