The Jesus Symphony Concert


‘The Jesus Symphony’ composed by Michel Montecrossa is a modern Christian Spiritual Symphony for electronic instruments, choir and solo chants in English and German language based on the Gospel of Thomas.
‘The Jesus Symphony’ is modern classical music of light and love in honour of the great Jesus performed by Michel Montecrossa and his Lightsound Orchestra. (Michel Montecrossa: singing and keyboard, Mirakali: keyboard, Diana Antara: keyboard, Mirachandra: omnichord, David Butterfield: midi-guitar, Artis Aldschalis: e-violin)

The Instrumentals and Chants:

  1. Overture: The Supreme Origin (Instrumental)
  2. The Life Giving Words • Die Leben Gebenden Worte (Chant)
  3. Jesus (Instrumental)
  4. I Found Them All Drunk • Ich Fand Sie Alle Trunken (Chant)
  5. House Of Time (Instrumental)
  6. Be Passers-By • Seid Vorübergehende (Chant)
  7. The Glory Light (Instrumental)
  8. We Come From The Light • Wir Kommen Aus Dem Licht (Chant)
  9. The New Earth And Heaven (Instrumental)
  10. Near The Fire • Nahe Dem Feuer (Chant)
  11. Finale: World Of Truth, Peace And Love (Instrumental)
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