Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali and Diana Antara at the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2012 in Mirapuri, Italy


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Includes 19% MwSt.
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Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Love & Unity Climate Change’ concert series at the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2012 in Mirapuri, Italy, released by Mira Sound Germany as two Boxes-Set with twelve Audio-CDs or DVDs featuring all 171 festival songs of Michel Montecrossa and his band ladies Mirakali and Diana Antara. The two Boxes-Set presents a voluptuous and exciting variety of original music ranging from acoustic and electric New Topical Songs to mind-blowing Cyberrock and Dancedrive with a good dose of Electronica.

Included on Box One are breathtaking and thrilling Love & Unity Climate Change Songs like:

Included on Box Two are mind-blowing and true to the bone Love & Unity Climate Change Songs like:

Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Love & Unity Climate Change’ concert series at the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2012 in Mirapuri, Italy: 171 great festival songs of Michel Montecrossa and his band ladies Mirakali and Diana Antara released as two Boxes-Set with twelve Audio-CDs or DVDs. Included are also great interpretations of rare Bob Dylan songs performed by Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali and Diana Antara.

Michel Montecrossa says about the ‘Love & Unity Climate Change’ concert series at the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2012 in Mirapuri, Italy:
“The Spirit of Woodstock Festival in Mirapuri is for me, Mirakali and Diana Antara the great annual music journey of Love and Unity with a wonderful audience where we present all our new songs which we created during the previous months. It is a journey of joy and singing and dancing and sharing the will for peace and a better world.”

For more see: www.SpiritofWoodstockFest.com

See here the complete list of all 171 songs performed by Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali and Diana Antara at the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2012 in Mirapuri.
The Songs, Disc One:

  1. The Days Of Love And Unity
  2. Who Is There
  3. You Are My Girl – You Are The One
  4. Heartdreams
  5. I Am There
  6. More
  7. I’m Lovin’ You
  8. Spring Of Love
  9. The Deepest Level
  10. Soulpower On Earth
  11. Cyberviking Reborn In Me
  12. Loving Heroes
  13. In All There Is One Meaning

The Songs, Disc Two:

  1. Love & Unity Solution Song
  2. Girls With Big, Big Tits
  3. Wild West Honey
  4. Joy Of The Bright Earth
  5. Here I Am Again
  6. Love Is Our Future
  7. Love Is Sweet, Love Is Cool
  8. Love Wider Than The Universe
  9. For All The Good Things
  10. Flying Home
  11. The Woman
  12. Call Of Destiny
  13. Heroes Of The Bright Earth
  14. Talking Loe & Unity World

The Songs, Disc Three:

  1. Don’t Cheat The Secrets Of The Green World
  2. Talkin’ Reality – Talkin’ Consciousness Change
  3. She’s The Great Morning, The Wonderful Day
  4. Love And Unity Smile
  5. My Song For The People
  6. Talkin’ Golden Road Of Love & Uniy
  7. Talking Mirapuri Action Party
  8. Together With Friends
  9. Ballad Of The Light
  10. Paradise Angel
  11. Sweety Girl
  12. World Union
  13. When I’m With You
  14. Forever At Your Side
  15. Eternal Woman
  16. Cool Tango

The Songs, Disc Four:

  1. Young
  2. Free Is Our Love
  3. Wanted Girl
  4. Happiness Of Love
  5. Orgasm City
  6. Feelin’ Love
  7. Reality Rocker #2
  8. Starbringing Heroes
  9. Met You In Paradise
  10. With You In Heaven
  11. Cybergeneration
  12. Lebensgefühl
  13. Rockin’ Gang Night
  14. Dancedrive: I Like It!

The Songs, Disc Five:

  1. Talking Love And Unity For A Small Planet
  2. Love Takes A Stand Against Slavery & Crime
  3. Talking Poverty Girl, Banka Moral And God-Particle-Higgs-Boson
  4. Courageous Heart
  5. Driftin’
  6. New Way, New Life
  7. Uncensored
  8. Happy Freedom
  9. The Happiness
  10. Planet Of Love
  11. Universal Whirlpool
  12. Oceandream
  13. Save The Climate

The Songs, Disc Six:

  1. Cyberbeat
  2. Blue Star
  3. Tantra Girl
  4. Dance Of Union
  5. Teeny Baby! I Want More!
  6. Heroes Are Great
  7. Male Feel – Check This!
  8. Sprung In Die Weite
  9. Maybe She’ll Come And Rock Me
  10. Mysterious Earth
  11. I’m Your Cyberman
  12. Wild Dance
  13. Cyberloud
  14. Viking Summer

The Songs, Disc Seven:

  1. Talking Big Festival Waves
  2. East Orange, New Jersey
  3. Love Rescue Me
  4. Coming From The Heart
  5. You Belong To Me
  6. Go ‘Way Little Boy
  7. The Wandering Kind
  8. Jesus Is The One
  9. Don’t Cheat
  10. Am I Your Stepchild?
  11. Bouncin’
  12. Champaign, Illinois
  13. Sex Unites Song #2
  14. Trouble In Mind
  15. Try It Harder All Ye Helpless Leaders! Try It Harder!

The Songs, Disc Eight:

  1. Angel Rocker #2
  2. Steel Bars
  3. Damn Hot – The Vision Of Balance!
  4. Jammin’ Me
  5. Cyberrocker Morfin’ U
  6. I Don’t Want To Do It
  7. Love Action #2
  8. Ain’t No Man Righteous, No Not One
  9. Courage & Love
  10. Thief On The Cross
  11. The Healing Power
  12. I Will Love Him
  13. Love & Unity Dance
  14. The Love That Faded
  15. Coffee And Sandwich Blues

The Songs, Disc Nine:

  1. The Man
  2. Powerdrive
  3. What You Wanna Do, Do It Now
  4. Dreamdance
  5. Your Jungle Is My Jungle
  6. What Do You Feel
  7. Cruisin’
  8. Energy Attraction
  9. Nightlights Are In Her Eyes
  10. Heroes And Girls
  11. Trance Avenue
  12. Living Our Dream
  13. Cyberspeed Drivin’ U Sweet
  14. Dance Chick

The Songs, Disc Ten:

  1. We Are Singers Three #2
  2. In The Light Is The Answer
  3. Talking Young Future!
  4. Talkin’ World Awakening
  5. Talking Europe The Strong
  6. Talking Bright Earth – There’s No Crisis!
  7. Talking ’bout A Small Planet For The Free
  8. I Feel At Home In Your Embrace
  9. Erotic Devotion
  10. World Of Delight
  11. Cybertrek
  12. Guardian Of The Bright Earth
  13. God Is A Girl #2
  14. Movin’ On
  15. The Day Is Comin’

The Songs, Disc Eleven:

  1. We Are The Others
  2. Free, Forever Free
  3. Fairy Rock
  4. Futureflight
  5. Girl Encounter Rock
  6. The Dream Is Strong
  7. Talking Free Sex
  8. Love Wins
  9. Welcome To The Future
  10. Summer In Your Heart
  11. Summer Rock
  12. Live Your Life, Live Your Dream
  13. Cool Man
  14. Cosmic Girls

The Songs, Disc Twelve::

  1. No Fear! You Are Free!
  2. Lovedrive
  3. Rescue Mission
  4. Time Of Our Life
  5. Eyes Cascading Over Your Skin
  6. Courage To Do The Best
  7. Ladyluck Tribal
  8. Free Emotion
  9. Young World
  10. Tolerance And Compassion
  11. The Story Of That Girl
  12. In Love Forever
  13. Lovesong
  14. Thinkin’ About The Future