Disc 7-12: Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali and Diana Antara at the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2013 in Mirapuri, Italy

Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2013 in Mirapuri, Italy - Box-Set 2


Michel Montecrossa’s powerful ‘Love World Action & Climate Change’ concert series at the legendary Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2013 in Mirapuri, Italy, is released by Mira Sound Germany as two Boxes-Set with twelve Audio-CDs or DVDs featuring all 165 festival songs of Michel Montecrossa and his band ladies Mirakali and Diana Antara. The two Boxes-Set presents a voluptuous and exciting variety of original music ranging from acoustic and electric New Topical Songs to mind-blowing Cyberrock and Dancedrive Hits with a healthy dose of great Electronica. Included are adrenaline-driven and thrilling ‘Love World Action & Climate Change’ burners like ‘Love Rocker’, ‘New Earth, New Sky’, ‘Brothers And Sisters Of Love ’, ‘Loveflight’, ‘Cyberboy & Country Girl’, ‘Make The Girls Happy’’, ‘Love And Unity Smile’, ‘Flaming Soul’, ‘She’s The Great Morning, The Wonderful Day’, ‘Sweet Summerland’, ‘Of Love I Sing’, ‘Best Choice’, ‘Future Love World Action Laughing’, ‘Love’s Freedom’, ‘Talking ‘bout A Small Planet For The Free’, ‘Talkin’ Golden Road Of Love & Unity’ and many more.

Michel Montecrossa says: “The legendary ’Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2013 in Mirapuri, Italy’ release presents myself together with Mirakali, Diana Antara and our band The Chosen Few and our abundant creativity during ten days of a constant flow of 20 concerts. These concerts tell the story of our Free Love – Free Mind journey through Cyberrock Space, Dancedrive Ecstasy and New-Topical-Song-Shake-Ups. It’s the expression of an extraordinary life for extraordinary people.”

For more see: www.SpiritofWoodstockFest.com

The Songs, Disc 7:

  1. Love And Unity Smile
  2. Coming Home Into The Future
  3. Don’t Cheat The Secrets Of The Green World!
  4. Lovers Dance
  5. Talkin’ Reality – Talkin’ Consciousness Change
  6. Flaming Soul
  7. She’s The Great Morning, The Wonderful Day
  8. Sweet Summerland
  9. Talking Love World Action For A Better Future
  10. Freedom
  11. Various Girls
  12. Way Home
  13. Fire On The Water
  14. Little Bit Of Lovin’
  15. Lovesong
  16. Goin’ Down The Road Feelin’ Great
  17. Forever Love
  18. Keep On Lovin’

The Songs, Disc 8:

  1. We Are Singers Three #2
  2. Of Love I Sing
  3. Cyberrocker Ballad
  4. My New Topical World
  5. Talking European Croatia
  6. Thinkin’ About The Future
  7. Are You Getting’ Ready?
  8. Heroes Of The Bright Earth
  9. Here Are All The Answers
  10. Love Reborn
  11. Malala’s Tempest Of Darkness & Light
  12. Magic Stars
  13. Love Is The Savior!
  14. Talking Mirapuri Love World Action

The Songs, Disc 9:

  1. Talking Media World
  2. Power Of Joy
  3. It’s Love, Man! It Ain’t Crazy & Drunk!
  4. God Is A Girl
  5. Seduction Dance
  6. My Dance Of Happy Laughing Love World Action
  7. Best Choice
  8. Future Love World Action Laughing
  9. Love’s Freedom
  10. Road Angel Rock
  11. I’m Speeding With Laughing Love World Action
  12. Yes, We Are Ready For The Best
  13. People Of The Bright Earth
  14. Tender Heart
  15. Divine Child
  16. Talking Laughing Love World Action

The Songs, Disc 10:

  1. Talking Mirapuri Action Party
  2. Fire Of The Morning Star
  3. The Road Ahead
  4. We Want Work!
  5. Talking Lines Of Fire
  6. Talking About The Goal For All
  7. Absolutely Family
  8. Talking Angel For Germany
  9. Taling Syria Countdown
  10. Talking Gitmo – Cloe It!
  11. Talking ’bout A Small Planet For The Free
  12. Lichte Erde – Bright Earth
  13. Link To The Global Nerve
  14. My Topical Action
  15. This World Is My World

The Songs, Disc 11:

  1. Talkin’ Golden Road Of Love & Unity
  2. Günter Grass Is Right: World War Is Bad
  3. Talking Europe The Strong
  4. Talking Camila Vallejo Warning
  5. Talking New German Chancellor
  6. Talking Edward Snowden’s Next More
  7. Talking Beppe Grillo & The Five Stars Movement
  8. End All Your Wars
  9. The Place Of The Free
  10. Talking Love World Never Ending
  11. Welcome To Real Life
  12. The Need Of The People
  13. Talking Young Future!
  14. Love The World As She Is Loving You
  15. Talking Boston Marathon Learning

Bonus DVD: Flashback From The Spirit Of Woodstock Festival 2013 in Mirapuri, Italy

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