Mirakali’s ‘Cyberecstasy’ released by Mira Sound Germany as Audio-CD together with a comprehensive cyberart book featuring Mirakali’s touching and inspiring Cyberecstasy lyrics combined with great images, photos and graphic art. The Audio-CD presents Mirakali’s superb performance of 18 of her original cybersongs including the title song ‘Cyberecstasy’, ‘Tranceparadise’, ‘Hit The Goal’ and ‘Morning In Your Eyes’.

The Songs:

  1. What A Beautiful Night
  2. Heroes And Girls
  3. Heroic Action
  4. Cyberecstasy
  5. Tender Anarchy
  6. Lovehero
  7. Someone Who Understands You
  8. Fantastic X
  9. Dreaming World
  10. Loving Ecstasy
  11. Tranceparadise
  12. Hit The Goal
  13. All Happiness
  14. Push Beyond The Limit
  15. Every Night
  16. Next Orgasm
  17. Love & Sex
  18. Morning In Your Eyes
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