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Mein Weihnachten der Liebe - My Christmas Of Love


Michel Montecrossa presents 11 new Christmas Songs on his album ‘Mein Weihnachten Der Liebe – My Christmas Of Love’, released by Mira Sound Germany on Audio-CD, DVD and as Download. ‘Mein Weihnachten Der Liebe – My Christmas Of Love’ is a warm-hearted song contemplation by Michel Montecrossa on the meaning of Christmas as the experience of Joy and Love.
The opening song of the ‘Mein Weihnachten Der Liebe – My Christmas Of Love’ album is the German version of Michel Montecrossa’s Christmas Song 2017 with the title ‘Mein Weihnachten Der Liebe’, followed by the English version ‘My Christmas Of Love’. Both versions carry the same message of hope in two languages: “My Christmas of Love I give to you – Mein Weihnachten der Liebe schenke ich dir. Divine is the child that will come, the child of the future, of the future dawn – Göttlich ist das Kind, das kommen wird, das Kind der Zukunft und des neuen Morgens.”
The German and English title songs lead to the grand symphonic song-celebration of love with the title ‘All Your Dreams’, a celebration that continues with ‘My Love’, ‘What A Night’, the mother and child song ‘Natural Queen’ and the soulful love relation songs ‘Smile Of Light’, ‘Wonderin’ ’bout Your Beauty’, ‘In This Town’ and ‘Daylight’, leading to the final song of the album which is the acoustic guitar version of ‘My Christmas Of Love’.


The Songs:

  1. Mein Weihnachten Der Liebe
  2. My Christmas Of Love
  3. All Your Dreams
  4. My Love
  5. What A Night
  6. Natural Queen
  7. Smile Of Light
  8. Wonderin’ ’bout Your Beauty
  9. In This Town
  10. Daylight
  11. My Christmas Of Love

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