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Warm Tenderness


Michel Montecrossa says about
Mirakali’s ‘Warm Tenderness’ Symphonic Wellness Music:
“Mirakali is an outstanding musician-poet-artist creating from a higher level of existence. It is the level of a mature soul making herself felt through warm tenderness and ‘Warm Tenderness’ therefore is the title of Mirakali’s Symphonic Wellness production featuring 15 instrumental compositions from her rich treasure of meditative and healing music.
Warm tenderness belongs to the soul and goes from there into the whole world comforting and embracing everyone, leading out of darkness and pain into a better world of happy love, freedom and peace.
Mirakali’s ‘Warm Tenderness’ is a precious and enchanting masterpiece of Wellness Music bringing harmony, renewal and joy ­removing tension and inner conflicts.
‘Warm Tenderness’ is Mirakali’s invitation to spread the wings of your soul for an unhindered flight into the wideness of light and vibrant life.”

The Tracks:

  1. Warm Tenderness
  2. Your Best Dream
  3. Light Of Birth
  4. Loving Dream In The Wind
  5. Peaceful Light
  6. Between Sky And Heaven
  7. Tenderness Of Your Dreams
  8. Trees Of Our World
  9. Healthy World
  10. Dream Paradise
  11. In Mirapuri We Are At Home
  12. Dreams Of Love And Bliss
  13. Inside Your Heart
  14. Love, Stars And Children
  15. The Goal In Front
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