DVD: Top Topical, Part Two

Top Topical, Part Two - DVD


Michel Montecrossa says about the ‘Top Topical’ Song & Movie Collection Part One & Part Two:
“The ‘Top Topical’ Song and Movie Collections is my heart’s blood call for action through New-Topical-Songs. They are stimulating educational songs transporting the values of the true, the right and the vast. They stand for high ethics and bring it to the streets. They stand for the living celebration of humanity and the life of happy generations embraced by the warmth of love on a united earth. They stand for safe homes where mothers and fathers together with their children of hope can live and look towards a prosperous future of peace, progress and fulfillment.”

Top Topical Part Two – The Songs:

  1. Talking Big Warning
  2. Talking Camila Vallejo Warning – Restricted Education Leads To Modern-Day Slavery
  3. Talking Syria Countdown
  4. Talking U.S.A. Apocalypse And What Romney And Obama Should Do
  5. Talking Pussy Riot Jail Sentence
  6. The Days Of Love And Unity
  7. Talking World War & The Nato Gang
  8. Talking Big Festival Waves
  9. Talking Europe The Strong
  10. Politos & Bankas Don’t Give The Answer
  11. The Best Thing For America Reloaded
  12. O Baby! I Met Mitt In AmerC.I.A.
  13. Michael Moore Is A Rich Man – Laugh Out Loud
  14. Talking Yulia Tymoshenko & Killer Politos
  15. Love Takes A Stand Against Slavery & Crime
  16. Günter Grass Is Right: World War Is Bad
  17. Nuclear Power Saves Up To Threat Level 7
  18. Günter Grass Hat Recht: Weltkrieg Ist Schlecht
  19. The Uncensored Interview
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