CD-Box: Future World


Michel Montecrossa says: “The ‘Future World’ topical-songs in this book and on the Audio-CD box are songs by the ‘Singing News Man’ that inspire to see the good, to live the good, to do the good. They are hope-giving songs and hope is good for effective future-building. They are 90 New-Topical-Songs about peace, human unity, future fear, change, protest, upheaval, revolution, work, fair wages, health, education, bankas, politos, consciousness, ethics and what the people need. They are good for every talk show, article, TV & radio program and concert in your town. The ‘Future World‘ book and Audio-CD box are presenting 73 English songs, 1 bilingual German-English song and 16 German songs.
They document history in the making, give intelligent answers and show solutions.“

‘Future World’ is a poetic masterpiece of songwriting by Michel Montecrossa, one of the 21st century’s greatest musician-artists.

The Songs, Disc One:

  1. Sign Of The Future
  2. Future World
  3. Welcome To The Future
  4. Absolutely Family
  5. We Want Work!
  6. Tax Payer Song
  7. Unbroken Relation
  8. Street Lovin’ (Let’s Do It On The Road)
  9. Ruby Gate 17
  10. On The Razor’s Edge
  11. Solidarity
  12. Angelo Augustus
  13. The Right Way
  14. Working hands
  15. Beauty And Love Are Another Song
The Songs, Disc Two:
  1. It’s Time To Listen To More Than We Know
  2. Simple Time
  3. Family Of Man Song (After The Revolution)
  4. Children’s Glory, The Fountain Of Youth
  5. Twitter Topics
  6. Reflection
  7. Vision Glasses For Better Seein’
  8. Determined & Undeterred (The Pro-Reform Song For Libya And All The Others)
  9. My Heart Is Bleedin’ (The Christchurch Song)
  10. The Need Of The People
  11. Link To The Global Nerve
  12. All Is Not Enough (The Citizen & Statesman Song)
  13. Talkin’ End Game: It’s The radioactive Song (Dedicated To The Fukushima Nuclear Plant)
  14. Future Rocks
  15. Talkin’ Sign Of The Future
The Songs, Disc Three:
  1. Singin’ Future World With The Girl From The Others Side Of The Street
  2. The Dream Of The People
  3. The Best Thing For America
  4. Nuclear Power Saves Up To Threat Level 7
  5. Talkin’ End Of Terror – Talkin’ End Of Bin Laden
  6. Secrets Of The Green World
  7. China Means Future
  8. Street Rocker In Syria
  9. Nameless Glory: The Freedom Of Information Song
  10. Talkin’ India (From Corruption To Ecology There’s Another Side To Everything)
  11. Talking Banking Solution (The Evolver Song)
  12. Brutal And Proud Of It
  13. American Crossroads
  14. Talkin’ World Awakening
  15. Something That Counts

The Songs, Disc Four:

  1. Lichte Erde – Bright Earth
  2. Germany Is Green For The Future Of Europe
  3. Let’s Go Future!
  4. Talking Lines Of Fire
  5. My Government Is Happiness
  6. The United States Of Planet Earth
  7. Future World Is The New Direction
  8. Prayin’ For Amy
  9. Talkin’ Somalia Famine
  10. Talkin’ Norway, Syria And More
  11. The World’s Tears
  12. For All The Good Things
  13. Don’t Cheat
  14. Bouncin’ (With Gangsta Bankas & Corrupto Politos)
  15. Talkin’ Battle For Libya – Talkin’ Battle For The World

The Songs, Disc Five:

  1. Die Vereinigten Staaten Des Planeten Erde
  2. Deutschland Ist Grün Für Die Zukunft Von Europa
  3. Freiheitsdrang
  4. Intensivstörung
  5. Echte Gartenzwerge Wollen Dämona, Nicht Schneewittchen
  6. Geld Quält Die Welt
  7. Die Zukunft Ist Eine Andere Welt
  8. Ich Mag Wandel!
  9. Der Stern Des Lebens
  10. Zukunftsmusik
  11. Sahra Wagenknecht Hat Recht
  12. Befreiungstanz Twitter
  13. Ich Schau In Deine Augen
  14. Liebe Mit Mir
  15. Weltfrieden
  16. Besinnung

The Songs, Disc Six:

  1. Talking Chile’s Camila Vallejo
  2. Talking ’bout A Small Planet For The Free
  3. Are You Ready For The Future?
  4. Talking Occupy Wall Street Movement
  5. Talking Italy, Portugal, Spain Austerity
  6. In The Light Is The Answer
  7. Talking European Crisis (Bankas And Politos Fight The Big War)
  8. Talking Germany, France And Europe
  9. Talking Big Warning
  10. Talking Anna Hazare
  11. Talking Young Russia’s Aljona Arschinowa
  12. Talking Selfish David From England (It Is David Cameron?)
  13. What The People Want Is Simple (Hope For The Best, Take Care For The Worst)
  14. Thinkin’ About The Future
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