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The Thunder


‘THE THUNDER’, released by Mira Sound Germany on Audio-CD & DVD and as Download is Michel Montecrossa’s totally new and mind-shaking androgyn Love and Life Experience album with 14 Cyberrock Ballads and New-Topical-Songs from the profundities of his Psyche. The songs are: ‘The Thunder Woman Of Love & Freedom’, ‘No Sugar’, ‘Talking Isis: Talking Nuke Or Talk’, ‘What Love & Freedom Tell Me’, ‘Love & Freedom Showdown In The Making’, ‘Freedom World’, ‘From Honeymoon I Started Into The Open Years’, ‘Lovesong’, ‘There Are Three Female Wonders’, ‘Ballad Of A New Life’, ‘Cyberrocker Ballad’, ‘An Deiner Seite Glücklich – At Your Side Happy’, ‘Wunderbare Liebe – Wonderful Love’ and ‘Exactly Like You’. Together with the holistic crossover music & art movie for the opening song Michel Montecrossa’s THE THUNDER album is the all-out non-conformist deep brain statement of a personality whose heart is burning with the fire of Love & Freedom.

Michel Montecrossa says:
“THE THUNDER is a deeply personal Lilith-style album singing about love relations as the root of all conflicts and every redemption. THE THUNDER is singing from the place where male and female are the androgyn reality of our Self, where we meet every other Self in the way of both sexes. It is there where all conflicts disappear and the unexpected appears. THE THUNDER can be heard in this album through Cyberrock Ballads of Love and Freedom and New-Topical-Song-Echoes from an uprooted world of sensual distortion. THE THUNDER like Lilith does not want to be buried under the king during love making but rather wants to sit on top of his prick. Lilith was greatly despised for that by patriarchs and male dominated religions. But in fact she is the creation goddess dwelling in the World Tree, or in other words, in every prick. THE THUNDER gives you something to think for the next time you are in bed with someone. Most of the songs have English lyrics and some are bilingual Deutsch-English.”

  1. The Thunder Woman Of Love & Freedom
  2. No Sugar
  3. Talking Isis: Talking Nuke Or Talk
  4. What Love & Freedom Tell Me
  5. Love & Freedom Showdown In The Making
  6. Freedom World
  7. From Honeymoon I Started Into The Open Years
  8. Lovesong
  9. There Are Three Female Wonders
  10. Ballad Of A New Life
  11. Cyberrocker Ballad
  12. An Deiner Seite Glücklich – At Your Side Happy
  13. Wunderbare Liebe – Wonderful Love
  14. Exactly Like You

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