Audio Download: The Great Secret, Vol. 1 – 5 (MP3, 320Kbps, DRM-free)

The Great Secret, Vol. 1 - 5


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Original recording of The Mother’s French recitation from her Theater play ‘The Great Secret – Le Grand Secret’
Music and Songs by Michel Montecrossa

Vol. 1: The Statesman

  1. The Great Secret: ‘The Statesman’
  2. Overture
  3. Message and Organ Theme by The Mother: “My Only Aim In Life”
  4. Love For You
  5. Deepest Love

Vol. 2: The Writer

  1. The Great Secret: ‘The Writer’
  2. My Jewelled Dreams Of You

Vol. 3: The Scientist

  1. The Great Secret: ‘The Scientist’
  2. Worldmystery

Vol. 4: The Artist

  1. The Great Secret: ‘The Artist’
  2. Next Step

Vol. 5: The Unknown Man

  1. The Great Secret: ‘The Unknown Man’
  2. Lichte Erde – Bright Earth

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