Audio Download: On The Dhammapada, Vol. 5 – Silence, Balance and Victory (MP3, 320Kbps, DRM-free)

Vol. 5 - Silence, Balance and Victory


Original recording of The Mother’s recitations of the Dhammapada and her Explanations in French language
Music by Michel Montecrossa: ‘Cosmic Leap’ • ‘Sensuality of the Leap’ • ‘Get Free’

13 December 1957
Just as the rain penetrates through the thatch of a leaking roof, so the passions penetrate an unbalanced mind.

“From every point of view, and not only from the spiritual point of view, it is always very good to practise silence for a few minutes, at least twice a day, but it must be a true silence, not merely abstention from talking.”
Mira Alfassa – The Mother

20 December 1957
Just as the rain cannot penetrate a house well covered with thatch, so also the passions cannot penetrate a balanced mind.

27 December 1957
In the two worlds, in this world and in the other, one who does evil grieves. He laments and suffers as he recalls his evil deeds.

“It is upon earth that you progress and it is upon earth that you realise. It is in the body that you win the Victory.”
Mira Alfassa – The Mother


  1. 13.12.1957 ‘The Passions Penetrate An Unbalanced Mind’
  2. Cosmic Leap
  3. 20.12.1957 ‘Passions Cannot Penetrate A Balanced Mind’
  4. Sensuality Of The Leap
  5. 27.12.1957 ‘One Who Does Evil Grieves’
  6. Get Free
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