Audio-CD: On The Dhammapada, Vol. 3 – Self-Control and Loyalty to the Goal

Vol 3 Self-Control and Loyalty to the Goal


Original recording of The Mother’s recitations of the Dhammapada and her Explanations in French language
Music by Michel Montecrossa: ‘Starwave 2’ • ‘Seal of the Origin’

8 November 1957
He who puts on the yellow robe while he is yet impure, lacking in self-control and lacking in loyalty, truly he is unworthy to wear the yellow robe of the monk.

“The qualities that make you worthy of leading the spiritual life are to have an inner balance, a balance in your action, and to be moderate in everything, to be sincere, honest, loyal.”
Mira Alfassa – The Mother

15 November 1957
But he who has discarded all impurity, who is firmly attached to the precepts of morality, who knows how to moderate his appetite and who is loyal, he, truly, is worthy to wear the yellow robe.

“To be true to oneself, to one’s goal, not to let oneself be moved by disorderly impulses, not to take the changing appearances for the Reality, these are the virtues that one must have in order to progress on the way of spirituality.”
Mira Alfassa – The Mother


  1. 8.11.1957 ‘Self-Control And Inner Balance’
  2. Starwave 2
  3. 15.11.1957 ‘Be True To Yourself And To Your Goal’
  4. Seal Of The Origin
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