Audio-CD: On The Dhammapada, Vol. 8 – The Happiest State and the Supreme Reality

Vol 8 The Happiest State and the Supreme Reality


Original recording of The Mother’s recitations of the Dhammapada and her Explanations in French language.
Music by Michel Montecrossa: ‘Next Leap’ • ‘Cybervision’

24 January 1958
Having fully understood what vigilance is, the sages delight in it and take their pleasure in the presence of the Great Ones.

“Throughout this teaching there is one thing to be noticed; it is this: you are never told that to live well, to think well, is the result of a struggle or of a sacrifice; on the contrary it is a delightful state which cures all suffering. At that time, the time of the Buddha, to live a spiritual life was a joy, a beatitude, the happiest state, which freed you from all the troubles of the world, all the sufferings, all the cares, making you happy, satisfied, contented …
Perhaps the time has come to continue the ascent in the curve of the spiral and now with all that this knowledge of matter has brought us, we shall be able to give to our spiritual progress a more solid basis. Strong with what we have learnt of the secrets of material Nature, we shall be able to join the two extremes and rediscover the supreme Reality in the very heart of the atom.”
Mira Alfassa – The Mother



  1. Next Leap
  2. 24.1.1958 ‘The Happiest State and the Supreme Reality’
  3. Cybervision
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