Entretiens 1958, Vol. 30 – 30.7.1958

Entretiens 1958, Vol. 30 - 30.7.1958


One cannot believe these things (occult experiments and their results) unless one carries them within oneself • All the outer proofs you have won’t ever give you any knowledge. When you yourselves are developed within, capable of having a direct and inner contact with these things, then you know what they are, but no material proof – material and of this kind – can give you the knowledge if you do not have within you the being capable of having this knowledge • hence the conclusion is that this kind of experiment is quite useless. For those who have an inner being, – one day or another, life will take care to wake them up and put them in touch with what is necessary for them to know • I consider these things an unhealthy curiosity, that’s all.

Original recording in French language.
Music by Michel Montecrossa: ‘House Of Time’


  1. 30.7.1958
  2. House Of Time
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