Entretiens 1958, Vol. 24 – 11.6.1958

Entretiens 1958, Vol. 24 - 11.6.1958


In everyone, even at the very beginning, this spiritual presence, this inner light is there….
In fact, it is everywhere • It is That presence, that spiritual light — which could almost be called a spiritual consciousness — which is within every being and each thing, and because of it, despite all discordance, all passion, all violence, there is a minimum of general harmony which allows Nature’s work to be accomplished • But it is only in some exceptional beings and after a long, very long work of preparation extending over many, many lives that this Presence changes into a conscious, independent, fully organised being, all-powerful master of the house it inhabits; conscious enough, powerful enough, to be able to control not only this house but what surrounds it and a wider and wider and even more effective field of radiation and action

Original recording in French language.
Music by Michel Montecrossa: ‘Soulworld’s Heart #2′


  1. 11.6.1958
  2. Soulworld’s Heart #2
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