Entretiens 1958, Vol. 18 – 30.4.1958

Entretiens 1958, Vol. 18 - 30.4.1958


As I had foreseen, I have received a shower of questions compelling me to explain mentally my supramental experience of the 3rd of February • You want to make me speak and mentalise the experience until a new system is established and you can sit down comfortably in your new mental construction…. I am sorry to have to disappoint you but this is absolutely impossible • And if you want to understand what I have written, well, make an effort and get a supramental consciousness • That is all I have to say to you • And beware of the craze for wanting to replace an old dogma by a new one and saying, “Oh! All that was false, but now we are going to work out a fine practical guide to conduct which at last will be true.” • Well, a mental construction will never be true, and I refuse to make one • I was obliged to use words which men understand, but I did it in the most incoherent way possible (!) In order not to be too mental, and I refuse to be coherent in the mental fashion • And that, not only for the questions I have here or those I have received through letters, but for all those still to come on the same subject which it will hence be useless to ask me • I would advise everyone the same thing: “Make an effort, work, open yourself, give yourself up entirely to the new force, and a day will come when you will have the experience.” • With the experience you will understand precisely how very useless the questions were.

Original recording in French language.
Music by Michel Montecrossa: ‘Mirapuri Meditation’


  1. 30.4.1958
  2. Mirapuri Meditation
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