Fieldmouse from Nebraska


‘Fieldmouse from Nebraska’ presents 10 Bob Dylan originals you never heard before.
‘Fieldmouse from Nebraska’, the rare collector’s item CD specially produced for the Bob Dylan & Michel Fest 2002, with lyrics of Bob Dylan to the music of Michel Montecrossa: ‘For Françoise Hardy At The Seine’s Edge’, ‘Field Mouse From Nebraska’, ‘Outlined Epitaph’, ‘North Of V.’, ‘Some Other Kind Of Song’, ‘Bowling Alley Blues’, ‘Switchboard Operator’, ‘Need A New Name’ and ‘Mirrors Of Flowers’.
The CD also includes the Spirit of Woodstock Festival recording of Bob Dylan’s ‘From A Buick 6 (early version: ‘Lunatic Princess Revisited’)’ and the bonus video ‘The Groom’s Still Waiting At The Altar’, Françoise Hardy’s ‘Je Suis Moi / It’s Me’, Woody Guthrie’s ‘A Long Ways To Travel’ and Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Highway Pounder’, ‘God Is A Girl’, ‘Sex Depends On Age’, ‘Cyberman And Cybergirl’, ‘Planet Kid’ and ‘Cyberchant’

The Songs:

  1. Lunatic Princess Revisited
  2. Highway Pounder
  3. For Françoise Hardy At The Seine’s Edge
  4. Je Suis Moi / It’s Me
  5. Field Mouse From Nebraska
  6. Outlined Epitaph
  7. North Of V.
  8. Some Other Kind Of Song
  9. Bowling Alley Blues
  10. God Is A Girl
  11. Switchboard Operator
  12. Sex Depends On Age
  13. Need A New Name
  14. Cyberman And Cybergirl
  15. Planet Kid
  16. Mirror Of Flowers
  17. A Long Ways o Travel
  18. Cyberchant
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