DVD-Box: Michel Montecrossa’s Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2008


‘Michel Montecrossa’s Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2008’ released by Mira Sound Germany as Box Sets including 4 Concert Audio-CDs and 2 Bonus DVDs or alternatively 4 Concert DVDs and 2 Bonus DVDs, feature 78 Michel Montecrossa songs and instrumentals, 22 Bob Dylan songs, 5 Traditional songs, 1 Curtis Mayfield song, 1 Woody Guthrie song, 1 Eric von Schmidt song, 1 Johnny Cash song and 1 Roger Mc Guinn song as well as the Bonus DVDs ‘Going to the Spirit of Woodstock Festival’ and ‘The Invisible Wall’.
The ‘Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2008’ is a marvelously multidimensional journey through the song-experiences of two of the most outstanding 21st century songwriters. It is also part of Michel Montecrossa’s Peace & Climate Change Concert Tour 2008.

He has arranged his songs and Bob Dylan’s songs in the context of ‘Save the Climate’ and ‘A Satisfied Mind’ and says: “Save the climate of love. That’s the best way to save the climate of the earth.”.

The tracks include great Peace & Climate Change topical songs by Michel Montecrossa like ‘Save The Climate‘, ‘Earth & Peace‘, ‘Sunray Revolution‘, ‘Changing World‘ and ‘Sweet Earth‘ that take a close and profound look at the meaning of the rapid world-changes surrounding us. To save the climate for Michel Montecrossa means centrally a change of consciousness and not only an outer change. About this crossroad of inner and outer action he sings in broadsides like ‘Cheap Girl‘, ‘You’re A Disaster‘, ‘The Woman That Loves The Breakthrough‘, ‘Believe In Your Dream‘, ‘I’m Workin’‘, ‘Eatin’ And Drinkin’ Blues‘, ‘Freedomfire Burnin’‘, ‘A Song‘, ‘War Kills‘ and ‘When I Change Dimensions‘.
The Bob Dylan songs performed by Michel Montecrossa include Bob Dylan originals as well as traditionals and songs by other artists which Bob Dylan sings in his concerts like ‘Tell Ol’ Bill‘, ‘Somebody Touched Me‘, the rare and unreleased ‘Rock Me Mama‘ and ‘If I Don’t Be There By Morning‘. From his early years are songs like ‘Golden Vanity‘, ‘Train A-Travelin’‘ and ‘Ballad Of Easy Rider‘ (wich he has cowritten with Roger Mc Guinn) and rarities like ‘Go Away You Bomb‘ (with the music of Michel Montecrossa) and ‘Cuban Missile Crisis‘. To Bob Dylans gospel songs like ‘What Can I Do For You?‘ and ‘Are You Ready?‘ from the production ‘Saved’ Michel Montecrossa gives a far-reaching and deeply felt power of meaning and expression. In the song ‘Pressing On‘ Michel Montecrossa also sings lyrics which were not included in the original release.

The 2 Bonus DVDs present Michel Montecrossa’s free cinema masterpieces ‘Going To The Spirit of Woodstock Festival’ and ‘The Invisible Wall’.
‘Going to the Spirit of Woodstock Festival in Mirapuri, Italy’ shows Michel Montecrossa and his band The Chosen Few going to the Spirit of Woodstock Festival in Mirapuri, Italy for ten days of Music, Peace and Love. ∞ 60 Minutes of stunning free cinema art written and directed by Michel Montecrossa presenting 14 songs and mind blowing cinema vérité action. ∞ Great songs, emotion and thrilling feel. ∞ Share the humanity and joy of the free music revolution. ∞ Be on stage with Michel Montecrossa and his bandgirls Mirakali and Diana Antara. ∞ Be together with them at the Festival of Love for groovy bar-driving and dancing. ∞ Get the inspiration, feel the drive and the sensation of being with the gang, of being with friends, of being with girls, of being lovers, of feeling great. ∞ Let’s go to the Festival with Michel Montecrossa and his girls for the ultimate movie experience and music journey to Cyberrocker land.
‘The Invisible Wall’ is Michel Montecrossa’s great slam poetry earth and peace musical in the form of a cinema vérité orphic story looking through the many symbols and events of life to the reality behind. ‘The Invisible Wall’ tells the story of the Travelin’ Man who for some time has a job as king. Later he drops the job and experiences an existential revolution. It is the door to the reality of love and a new birth in consciousness. ‘The Invisible Wall’ is poetic music-cinema telling the story in a multidimensional way. Various roles express themselves through changing persons, thus creating a web of awareness reversals. Through this interactive play and journey of vision, poetry and music a virtual body appears which gives the clue to the deeper sense of reality: The sense of love bridging all divides, the sense of coming home, the sense of the true embrace that lasts forever.

Disc One (Concert Audio-CD):

  1. Save The Climate
  2. Tell Ol’ Bill
  3. Cocaine Blues
  4. Wake Up
  5. People Get Ready
  6. Earth & Peace
  7. Somebody Touched Me
  8. Sunray Revolution
  9. Grand Coulee Dam
  10. This World Is My World #2
  11. Acne
  12. Cute Girl
  13. Straight A’s In Love
  14. Cheap Girl
  15. Rock Me Mama
  16. You’re A Disaster
  17. If I Don’t Be There By Morning

Disc Two (Concert Audio-CD):

  1. The Woman That Don’t Light A Cigarette
  2. Walk Out In The Rain
  3. The Woman That Loves The Breakthrough
  4. Legionnaire’s Disease
  5. My Limousine Is Long
  6. Huck’s Tune
  7. The Spacewalkin’ Woman
  8. Silver Dagger
  9. Believe In Your Dream
  10. Golden Vanity
  11. I’m Workin’
  12. Train A-Travelin’
  13. Eatin’ & Drinkin’ Blues
  14. Ballad Of Easy Rider
  15. Freedomfire Burnin’

Disc Three (Concert Audio-CD):

  1. A Satisfied Mind
  2. For All Time To Come (Love Burnin’ Wild And Young)
  3. I’d Hate To Be You On That Dreadful Day
  4. Another World
  5. Go Away You Bomb
  6. Changing World
  7. Talkin’ Devil
  8. Slum & Murder – Where Is She?
  9. Death Of Emmett Till
  10. Shadowy Tree #2
  11. The Ballad Of Donald White
  12. A Song
  13. Cuban Missile Crisis
  14. War Kills #2
  15. Wade In The Water
  16. Sweet Earth
  17. Saved

Disc Four (Concert Audio-CD):

  1. Somebody Loves You
  2. Covenant Woman
  3. In The Light Of Dawn
  4. What Can I Do For You?
  5. Soulworld Song
  6. Solid Rock
  7. When I Change Dimensions (Don’t Want To Hide My Feelings)
  8. Pressing On
  9. Check Out What You Do (Trust Your Inner You)
  10. In The Garden
  11. I Hold My Hand Over Your Life
  12. Saving Grace
  13. Glory Of The Inner Ring
  14. Are You Ready?
  15. Future Love Dance

Disc Five (Bonus DVD – Going To The Spirit of Woodstock Festival in Mirapuri):

  1. I’m The Voice Of Peace
  2. Drop Out Rock
  3. This World Is My World
  4. Magic Fire
  5. Shall We Go To War Again?
  6. Vikingbride
  7. Auferstanden
  8. Wild & Dangerous
  9. Cybergeneration
  10. Met You In Paradise
  11. Cyberbeat
  12. Vomit Of Your Soul
  13. Freedomfire Burnin’
  14. The Place Of The Free

Disc Six (Bonus DVD – The Invisible Wall):

  1. Earth & Peace
  2. The Story
  3. Salut! Je Suis Orphée
  4. Symmetry Near The Invisible Wall & Wild Hearts
  5. The King Is Comin’
  6. Chat ‘King & Girl’
  7. Story Of The Invisible Wall
  8. Down By The Garden
  9. Dreaming Roof
  10. She Always Thinks Of Me
  11. I’m A Steady Rollin’ Man
  12. Wanna Survive?
  13. The Meadow Of Oblivion
  14. The Gate To Silence
  15. The Blood Of Silence
  16. Do You Go Into Your Own Direction?
  17. She Was His Favorite Hell
  18. Passing Through The Invisible Wall
  19. Cheap Girl
  20. The Morphogenetic Legend
  21. The Traveling Man Left His Job As King
  22. A Song
  23. I Give Myself To Love
  24. I Do Remember Well
  25. I Should Follow Her
  26. Her Gaze Was A Wide Expanse
  27. The Charm Of Her Laughter
  28. She Sent All Her Love To Me
  29. Love Is Without Limits
  30. Interior And Exterior
  31. All The Desire Of Countless Millennia
  32. The Virtual Bodies
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