Electronica Concert

Electronica Concert

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’Electronica’, released by Mira Sound Germany as Audio-CD and DVD, is Michel Montecrossa’s Love World Action Concert dedicated to Peace, Energy, Harmony and Joy.
Originally recorded live on 28th September 2013 in the Michel Montecrossa Rock Vision Diner in Gauting, Germany it presents 31 electronica Stream-Of-Consciousness songs by Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali and Diana Antara including ’My Electronica Love World Action’, ’Back On Stage, Back On Earth’, ‘Dreamspace Reality Call’, ’Love Liberates’, ’Michel’s Dubstep Shag’ and ’Moonlife’.

Michel Montecrossa says:
“The songs I play together with Mirakali and Diana Antara at the Electronica Love World Action Concert are songs of Psyche and Eros that are like paintings moving in the Stream of Consciousness of Ideal Cybernetic Electronica. Our music is an adventure into the Future of the Bright Earth of Peace, Energy, Harmony and Joy. It is the Celebration of Humanity no longer falling back into terror, conflict, hate and darkness.”

The Songs, Disc One:

  1. My Electronica Love World Action
  2. Back On Stage, Back On Earth
  3. Dreamspace Reality Call
  4. Love Liberates
  5. Michel’s Dubstep Shag
  6. Thieves Of Time
  7. Rocker Of Tomorrow
  8. Never Be The Same
  9. Creep In – The Immediate New Topical Future
  10. Young Fire
  11. Future Love World Action Laughing
  12. Speeding Up
  13. What You Wanna Do, Do It Now
  14. Damn Good Shit!
  15. Discohappy
  16. Living Love

The Songs, Disc Two:

  1. Cyberhoney Skateboard Ride
  2. Fire Inside You
  3. Into Your Topical Love World Eyes
  4. Falling From The Sky
  5. Gaia Trance
  6. Happiness Makes Us Strong
  7. Talking Media World
  8. Heavenly Experience
  9. My Dance Of Happy Laughing Love World Action
  10. Love Dimension
  11. Talking Laughing Love World Action
  12. Endless Wideness
  13. My Christmas Joy
  14. Moonlife
  15. Cybermoon #2
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