Double Audio-CD: It’s A Good Place – A Good Place To Be Concert

It's A Good Place - A Good Place To Be Concert


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Originally recorded live on 24th May 2014 in the Michel Montecrossa Rock Vision Diner in Gauting, Germany the ‘It’s A Good Place – A Good Place To Be’ Concert presents 33 Cyberrock and Dance-Electronica Love & Sweetness songs by Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali and Diana Antara including Hits like ‘It’s A Good Place – A Good Place To Be’, ‘One Dream’, ‘Strong Heart’, ‘Good Music Is What I Give’, ‘Deep Cosmos Kiss’, ‘I’m A-Feelin’ Super Love World Action’, ‘Sexy Lovin’ Party Groove’, ‘Please Be My Hero!’, ‘Festival Of Love & Sweetness’, ‘Call Of The Festival – The Days Of Love World Action’,‘Cyberviking Reborn In Me’, ‘Cyberviking’s Glory’, ‘Dreamspace Reality Call’, ‘Happiness Makes Us Strong’, ‘Angels In The Night’, ‘My Electronica Love World Action’, ‘Night Gone’, ‘Here I Am Again’.

Michel Montecrossa says:
“In each of us there is a place of love and sweetness and I sing about this place together with Mirakali and Diana Antara in our ‘It’s A Good Place – A Good Place To Be’ Concert.”

The Songs, Disc 1:

  1. It’s A Good Place – A Good Place To Be
  2. One Dream
  3. Let’s Work With Love & Sweetness Song
  4. Strong Heart
  5. Good Music Is What I Give
  6. Deep Cosmos Kiss
  7. I’m A-Feelin’ Super Love World Action
  8. Sexy Lovin’ Party Groove
  9. Love & Sweetness Song
  10. Quest For Love
  11. Please Be My Hero!
  12. Destination Love
  13. Festival Of Love & Sweetness
  14. Careless Like A Child
  15. Call Of the Festival – The Days Of Love World Action
  16. Loving Heroes
  17. The Deepest Level
  18. Freedom

The Songs, Disc 2:

  1. Cyberviking Reborn In Me
  2. Cyberviking Glory
  3. Dreamspace Reality Call
  4. Happiness Makes Us Strong
  5. Angels In The Night
  6. My Electronica Love World Action
  7. Best Part Of Life
  8. Summer Rock
  9. Night Gone
  10. Here I Am Again
  11. Treasure Of My Heart
  12. Nightlights Are In Her Eyes
  13. New Day, No Past
  14. Talking Mirapuri Love World Action
  15. Viking Summer
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