Audio-CD: DreamSpace Dance, Topical, Cyberrock & Viking Electronica Festival 2012 in Mirapuri, Italy – 2nd Day

DreamSpace Festival 2012, Disc 2


Michel Montecrossa together with Mirakali, Diana Antara and his band The Chosen Few at the Dream Space Electronica Festival 2012 in Mirapuri, released by Mira Sound Germany on Audio CD and DVD, presents on 4 Audio-CDs and on DVD all 59 songs which they played on Friday, 17th August 2012 and Saturday, 18th August 2012 in the open air area of the Omnidiet Hotel in Mirapuri, including ‘Dream Space‘, ‘Wideness, Freedom, Bliss‘, ‘Helicopter Baby‘, ‘Super Sonic Mood‘ and ‘Girly Hip Hip‘.

Michel Montecrossa says about the Dream Space Festival in Mirapuri:
“The Dream Space Electronica Festival in Mirapuri took place for the third time in 2012. Myself together with Mirakali, Diana Antara and our band The Chosen Few presented our explorations of the world of Electronica-Song-Music as the most futuristic free music direction of evolving modern music. The Dream Space Festival in Mirapuri has grown by now into one of the most important Electronica events of the Free Music Revolution and we present there our ongoing Electronica Music Evolution.”

For more information on the Dreamspace Festival in Mirapuri:

The Songs, Disc Three:

  1. Cybermoon
  2. Courage To Do The Best
  3. Cyberhoney Skateboard Ride
  4. Jump In
  5. Girly Hip Hip
  6. Fighters For Love And Freedom
  7. Cyberviking & Oriental Girl
  8. King Of The North Star
  9. Cyberhandy Baby
  10. Happiness Of Love
  11. For All The Good Things
  12. Cosmic Party
  13. Dancefloor Tribal
  14. The Eye Of Odin

The Songs, Disc Four:

  1. Lovemakin’ Supertrip
  2. Heroic Action
  3. Exploration Teknotrance
  4. Star Ride
  5. Discohappy
  6. Starbringing Heroes
  7. Cyberbeat
  8. Victory Fire
  9. Cyberpower Baby
  10. Summer In Your Heart
  11. Tribal Michel & The Rocket Girls
  12. Love’s Dreamworld
  13. The Dream Never Ends
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