Dream Space Electronica Festival 2011

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The Dream Space Electronica Festival Concert 2011 in Mirapuri is Michel Montecrossa’s twentysecond concert of the Future World & Climate Change Concert Tour 2011 on double Audio-CD and DVD with New-Topical-Songs dedicated to love and freedom presents 26 Dance, Topical, Cyberrock & Viking Electronica songs by Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali and Diana Antara, including the opening song ‘Talkin’ Battle For Libya – Talkin’ Battle For The World‘, ‘Don’t Cheat‘, ‘Cyberviking Saga‘, ‘Trance Avenue‘ and ‘For All The Good Things‘.
Mirakali and Diana Antara contribute love songs like ‘Love Wider Than The Universe‘ and ‘Lightrays Of Love‘.

Michel Montecrossa says:
“Nothing can stop the Future. During the Dream Space Festival I boldly and joyfully enter, together with my band, the future of Electronica New-Topical-Songs with its inimitable Dance, Cyberrock and Viking flair. It’s music for the free and loving. Freedom and love are the future worth celebrating, singing and living for. Nothing can stop it!”

The Songs, Disc One:

  1. Talkin’ Battle For Libya – Talkin’ Battle For The World
  2. Love Wider Than The Universe
  3. Don’t Cheat
  4. Electric Action
  5. Bouncin’ (With Gangsta Bankas & Corrupto Politos)
  6. Fight For The Future
  7. Your Jungle Is My Jungle
  8. Lightrays Of Love
  9. Cruisin’
  10. No Words, But Understanding (For Mika)
  11. Nightlights Are In Her Eyes
  12. Victorious Heroes
  13. Cyberviking Saga (The Earth Was Shaken)
  14. Trance Avenue

The Songs, Disc Two:

  1. The Dance Of Life
  2. Free Is Our Love
  3. For All The Good Things
  4. Cosmic Girls
  5. Cyberviking Reborn In Me
  6. Cyberviking’s Glory
  7. Let’s Go Future!
  8. Tolerance And Compassion
  9. Lovemakin’ Supertrip
  10. With You In Heaven
  11. Discomania
  12. Cybermoon #2
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